The art of witches is that of a resistance to this submission, a resistance to the ‘we have tos’ that minions make into a principle of legitimacy. … The witches learned this art in the moment of great distress, during the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. It is then that the mutation of a tradition, the Wicca tradition (re-)born in England and exported to California, was produced. It then became a field for experimentation, cultivating the art of rituals able to give the inheritors of feminist, non-violent, anti-imperialist, ecological struggles the strength to resist the ordeal. …those who have made the choice of calling themselves witches and activists have posed the hypothesis that to resist such a system, to learn to struggle against it, imposed the rediscovery/reinvention of old resources, the destruction of which has probably contributed to our vulnerability.

Pignarre and Stengers, Capitalist Sorcery: Breaking the Spell